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CARe Academy



Submit Pitch Idea

Register at our Innovation Summit and pitch for the €1000 Award that will be awarded to the best and most innovative idea.​​

Event: Pitching Competition 2019

Pitch Your Innovative

Idea that Creates a Social Impact

The theme is "Inspiring New Environments for Recovery and Inclusion" 


Social Worker / Professional

Anyone in the mental health care field

Peer-support worker, a representative of user organization, an IT developer, a marketer, a designer or an entrepreneur who is interested in social entrepreneurship and assistive technology


We offer participants an opportunity to present their innovative idea in our pitching session. You can pitch your idea about a social entrepreneurship or regular business activity with strong social impact, a user-led initiative, a recovery college, a unique solution in community-based services, an innovative tech project aiming to support people with a mental-health problem, an application, platform, sharing economy initiative.


  • Each idea is presented by one person only. Even if you work in a team, only one person is pitching.

  • You can use only one single slide/photo or any other visual element for your pitching. No slideshow, no video (instead of your speech) and no any other presentation tools. You talk, with one single visual element behind you.

  • Pitches are in English. 

  • Your pitch is maximum 3 minutes long. You will be stopped after 3 minutes. The pitch will be followed with questions to clarify any details. 

  • You can sign up for a pitch even in the last moment. Just come, stand up, and present your idea.





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