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Ioana Gabriela Pavel graduated from 'Carol Davila' University of Medicine in Bucharest and worked first as a resident and now as a specialist doctor in psychiatry in public hospitals, as well as in private clinics. Medical experience also includes hours spent in the psychiatric emergency unit and hours working as cognitive behavioural psychotherapist. 

She has graduated the Neuroscience Institute Master in Psychopharmacology and became a trainer in CARe methodology. She is a member in a number of Mental Health Organisations and had participated in different national and international congresses. She tries to integrate all her experiences in the way that she conducts her work, as she considers that a person with mental health problems needs a multiple approach and an individualised  therapeutical plan. Organising CARe Europe Innovation Summit in Bucharest, gives her hope for an easier and more efficient future of case management in Romanian psychiatry. 

Ioana Gabriela Pavel M. D.

CEIS2018 Organising Team 


Triin Vana (Estonia) acquired an education in nursing from Tartu University (specialized on teaching and health care management, also on psychiatric nursing), studied psycho-social rehabilitation and business management, supervision and coaching.
She is head trainer of CARe Europe and works as certified trainer since 2002, when the first International training, Tepla 1 was held. Triin has more than 20 years leadership experience in developing and managing rehabilitation and community based mental health services in Estonia. She is also certified as EQUASS (European Quality of Social Services) quality system consultant and trainer to support social service providers to evaluate and improve the quality of services. Triin likes to say that she has 3 lovers in her work life - CARe methodology, supervision and social services quality. Last years there have appeared the 4-th one – social services design as a new way of developing user focused services, connected with her master program studies in
Tartu University.

Triin Vana

Tepla4 Program Head Trainer


Zsolt Bugarszki, PhD. is a Hungarian social worker and expert of social policy. He has spent more than 20 years with the development of community-based services in different countries. Lately in Estonia, he works on innovative solutions on how to use modern technology, ICT tools and economic models to support vulnerable people in the community. He leads the Social Entrepreneurship MA program of Tallinn University which is an innovative educational program following the project-based learning method. 

Zsolt Bugarszki

The CARe Network Director


Dr. Jean Pierre Wilken has been a professor since 2002. He graduated in social sciences and psychology, and got his PhD degree at Tilburg University on a thesis titled Recovering Care. A contribution to a theory and practice of good care.

He worked at the Regional Institute for Sheltered Living, the Faculty of Social Sciences of Utrecht University, the National Hospital Institute of the Netherlands and Storm Rehabilitation, a European Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Between 1996 and 2007, he was Director of Research and Development at Storm Rehabilitation, and between 2008 and 2009 he worked as Head of Knowledge Development and Quality at the Rino Group.

Since September 2009, he has been a full-time professor at the research group for Participation, Care and Support, which is part of the Research Centre for Social Innovation at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Jean Pierre

The CARe Network President 

The Netherlands

Elena Pana graduated Social Work  and Psychology and is trained as a cognitive behavioural therapist. She also participated in a training on CARe Methodology and in several courses on occupational therapy.

She is working in the Department of Community Psychiatry and Social Reinsertion of  the psychiatric hospital “Prof. Dr. Alexandru Obregia”. As a member of  the Romanian Association of Community Psychiatry she participated in the implementation of several projects regarding the social inclusion, anti-discrimination and empowerment of people with mental health problems.

Elena Pana

CEIS2018 Organising Team 


Jodee's expertise is in Social Media Marketing and she's originally from Singapore. Her strength is in leveraging on Content Strategy and Visuals to promote talented people ranging from emerging artists, creative people, social entrepreneurs, authors and multi-talented professionals. She has been working with people with a creative strength and has supported them using Visual Marketing strategy. 

Jodee has been working with organizations which are doing interesting, important work ranging from charities and public sector organizations in particular purpose-driven businesses and social enterprises. Her special interest is in organizations that might make a profit but are motivated more by the need to make a positive social or environmental impact. Jodee is also into Language Learning Gamification and development.

Jodee Lim

Website & Social Media


Romanian Media Partner for CARe Europe Innovation Summit 2018


Pagina de Psihologie

Local Media Partner


"Actress, writer, designer and passionate traveler - I have always strived to learn more about the world and myself and to nourish my creativity every day. I have discovered throughout my work experience that we are all artists, we are all innovators, since we are children and creativity is the core of every project and of every business. This breakthrough has helped me develop my own fashion brand - TEYXO - a worldwide hub for stylish women who want edgy, playful and out-of-the-box clothing. And now, I am honored and thrilled to be your host and to share with you my energy and my passion and to guide your creativity and beautiful ideas at the CARe Europe Innovation Summit." 

Lara Roxana Popa

Host for CEIS2018 Pitching Event


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