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The CARe Network's
Scholarship Opportunity

The CARe Network is initiating a new train-the-trainer programme in the CARe Model. This model contains a practical way of supporting persons with psychosocial vulnerability in their recovery process, to live as full citizens in the community. 


The programme aims at creating more training and coaching capacity in a number of countries by educating and supporting new CARe trainers who will work with us in the future. 


The programme will take 3 semesters. In the first semester, starting September 2017, the student will follow an e-learning program about the principles, theory and working methods of the CARe model. This semester will be ended with a face to face training session and seminar in Bucharest, Romania in March 2018.


The second semester includes practice and personal experience between May and December 2018. During this semester, the student will apply the knowledge in his own country, working with clients and professionals. Supervision is provided through the e-learning feature of CARe Academy. In the third semester (January-June 2019), the student will design and deliver a training program to a group of people, under the supervision of one of the CARe trainers.


The cost of this program is Euro 2.000 per person that can be paid in three different modes. In case the candidate or his employer is not able to pay the full amount, the subsidy can be given from The CARe Network Education Programme and you can also apply for travel and accommodation costs for our face-to-face Seminar in Bucharest. For the details see The CARe Network Scholarship Programme.


Candidates should meet the following criteria:

* Having at least three years of professional and/or personal experience in the field of mental health care.

* Having a strong motivation to work on the basis of the principles of recovery and social inclusion

* Having a strong motivation to become a trainer/coach in the CARe Model

* Being willing after finishing the programme, to act as a certified CARe Trainer in his/her own country or other countries in The CARe Network for at least three years.


Candidates should write a letter of motivation and send this to

Zsolt Bugarszki ( before 15th August 2017 . 



The CARe Network Scholarship Opportunity

The CARe Network provides the scholarship for participants on our Train-the-Trainer Programme. Our scholarship programme aims to reach participants from middle- and low-income countries, preferably from Eastern-Europe, the Caucasus, and Central-Asia. 

Scholarship 1600.jpeg

The amount of scholarship is Euro 1600 and can be spent as a contribution to the Train-the-Trainer Programme costs. The remaining training fee (400 Eur) can be paid gradually as the following: First payment 200 Eur at the beginning of the training. Second payment 100 Eur at the beginning of the second semester and third payment 100 Eur at the beginning of the third semester.


Those who receive The CARe Network’s scholarship can claim up to 500 Eur from their travel costs to Bucharest in March 2018 and their accommodation will be provided by The CARe Network.

The CARe Network have the opportunity to provide the scholarship for 16 applicants.

Scholarship applications are open til 15th August 2017. Applications for the scholarship can be submitted together with your application to the Train-To-Train program in the form of a short explanation why you would need this scholarship and how you can contribute in the future to the development of community-based services in your country after winning this scholarship opportunity.

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