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 Invitation for The CARe Network webinar

"Recovery college – a community like no other"

Get deeper understanding of a unique support in personal recovery through creation Recovery colleges, concept, and communities like no other! 


Hope, opportunity, and support as the main guiding principles in Recovery colleges offer the space for people to find themselves, take control and become an expert in their own well-being and recovery and move on with their life despite their mental health challenges. The success of Recovery colleges in current mental health care system is indisputable.


We are inviting you to explore with us different perspectives of Recovery colleges based on experiences of practitioners from specific projects based on this concept in Estonia, The Netherlands and The Czech Republic.  


We will discuss specific context of Recovery colleges and highlight the topics:


  • What Recovery college mean to us? What images can represent a variety of Recovery colleges?

  • How to make Recovery college sustainable? What are the stakeholders and how Recovery colleges find their own way in different countries?  

  • Who are the people who make Recovery college alive? What is special on to be a lecturer in Recovery college? 

  • Which of the courses and programs are the most preferred and why? 

  • What are the achievements of Recovery colleges and what they can be proud of?

There will be a facilitated discussion and open space for questions with the participants and presenters in this webinar in accordance to the topic mentioned above.



Monday 17.5.2021 from 15.00 – 16.30h CET



Well-being and Recovery college Estonia,

  • Anna Toots, CARe trainer and Recovery college lecturer

  • Inge Vallandi, peer counsellor and trainer at Recovery college

  • Anita Kurvits, peer counsellor and trainer at Recovery college

  • Aster Tooma, CARe trainer and expert in the transformation of mental health care services


Recovery college Prague, The Czech Republic,

  • Michal Kašpar, CARe trainer and Recovery college peer lecturer

  • Jana Pluhaříková Pomajzlová, CARe head trainer, Recovery college lecturer


Pomocná škola, Recovery college Plzeň, The Czech Republic,

  • Martin Fojtíček, director, Recovery college initiator and value keeper

Nei Skoen, Recovery learning community, The Netherlands,

  • Dirk den Hollander, founder of the Nei Skoen, The CARe model co-author

Registration is needed through If you are interested, please register and we will send you the link for the meeting with detailed information.

The webinar is free of charge with the possibility of the donation. We hold on the recovery principle of joint reciprocity and mutual support. We would like to share our experiences and expertise with you and if you have the resources and you are willing to support our activities, we appreciate that. The amount of financial participation is up to your possibilities, any participation is welcome. 

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