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Trainer's team

The trainer's team is acquired from the CARe trainers from different countries with broad experiences and expertise. Our aim is to connect people from different fields and professions which share CARe principles and approach and promote recovery-oriented care and peer work. There is a core trainers’ team of the CMCP online training which cooperate with larger Model CARe trainers and experts by experience network (see 


In each online meeting you will meet 2-3 trainers as expert by the topic, which will help you to explore the topic and support the learning process. During the training you will gradually meet all trainers. Those are also available as coaches and supervisors of the participants in the CPCM training. 


Watch: Invitation video

CPCM Trainer's team: 

Dirk den Hollander

Jana Pluhaříková Pomajzlová

Radmila Stojanovic Babic

Aster Tooma

Juraj Marendiak

Tom Heywegen

Inge Vallantis

Anita Kurvits

Michal Kašpar

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