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For Croatia, many things were going on in Rijeka and slightly less in Zagreb.

Mrs. Martina Kalčić is head of Social welfare home 'Turnić' in Rijeka as they had lots of activities, specified in the presentation.

Susret's news including the signing of the contract with City of Zagreb for 1 social apartment (100 m2) which costs ten times less than the apartments on the open market. That will help to reduce the cost of service and increase sustainability.

Also, Susret have more tenants (18 comparing to 12 from the last year) due to the DI program which was conducted.

We introduced the new web page with personal stories of the people we support

Updates by Radmila Stojanovic Babic

CARe Ambassador in Croatia

Radmila Stojanovic Babic


RIJEKA - Home for Adults Turnic


  • Opened 7 community living houses for 26 DI-ed clients

  • The houses are rented and are regular houses or apartments in the mountain area 30 minutes from the city of Rijeka and in Rijeka

  • The level of support is being provided according to the client’s needs and the approach is individualised

  • Opened a daily care centre that works as a „recovery school”

  • Daily centre works for 3 years now and is not “a kindergarden for adults” as many people think but a real recovery school that helps people become more independent and have surrounding that gives acceptance and support

  • We have 15 clients which is a full capacity for the space we have

  • Educated workers and clients for facilitating Hearing Voices groups

  • 3 of our workers and 2 of our clients attended the education for facilitating HV groups

  • Became a member of Intervoice

  • We became members of Intervoice, the international organisation that supports people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual experiences or beliefs

  • Established West Balkans Hearing Voices Network

  • Together with NGO’s from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia we established the West Balkans Hearing Voices Network

  • We share some projects and promote destigmatisation of people with mental health issues

  • Established 2 Hearing Voices peer support groups

  • In the city of Rijeka we have two Hearing Voices groups at the moment

  • The groups are free of charge and are peer support groups for people who have unusual experiences, beliefs, hear voice or see visions

  • We organised important and very attended education and events on mental health and Hearing Voices movement with internationally respected lecturers: „5 Days for Mental Health” (October 2015) and 3-day workshop on Hearing Voices (May 2016)

  • Organised a 2-day workshop on the topic of Personal plan and risk assessment with the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of social work for professionals, clients and their family members

  • Our institution has a theatre group that performs in social and other public institutions but also in the community

  • In collaboration with NGO “Vida” we have succeeded to establish a NGO “Support” whose goal is to give support for the family members, partners, friends of people with mental health issues

  • Through collaboration with Psychiatric hospital Lopača (private, owned by municipality) we are trying to develop community psychiatry model

  • We have had two appearances on national TV with client’s stories, many articles in newspapers etc.


In progress:

  • Organisation of „Mentalfest – Festival of Mental Health” (collaboration with psychiatric hospitals, university, NGO, medical school, and many others), from 10 – 15 October in many locations in Rijeka and its surroundings

  • This is the first time that health and social welfare system organise together such a big event dedicated to mental health and destigmatisation


  • Radio show on national radio „Who’s crazy here?”- the first show is gonna go on air on October 10 and then once a month


  • This show is a part of a regional project of radio shows  created by people with mental health issues

  • Applied for funding for a 3 year program during which we should spread the knowledge and experience on CARe methodology and Hearing Voices 

Updates by Martina Kalčić

Social pedagogue and integrative psychotherapist

CARe Trainer For TtT Year 2017/2019 'Tepla4'

Radmila Stojanovic Babic (Zagreb, Croatia) is social pedagogue and integrative psychotherapist.

She worked in business sector until 2006 when she co-established the association for psychosocial support Susret that provides supported community based living for people with mental health problems in Zagreb. Community based living is the first social service of that kind in Croatia and was developed with support of Open Society Foundation.


As of 2011, she is a guest Lecturer on Healthcare University in Zagreb - Course Psychiatry Nursing and University of Social sciences – Course Mental Health.


Presently she is head of service support.

Croatian team and Ada is speaking about their activities in Croatia at CARe Train-the-Trainers Budapest

Seminar Day 3 (Photo: Anastasiia Kuntsevska)

From left: Dalibor Fijan, Radmila Stojanovic Babic,

Deni Brnjak and Martina Kalčić.

Croatian team and Martina Kalčić. is speaking about the activities in Rijeka for Dom Turnić at

CARe Train-the-Trainers Budapest Seminar Day 3 (Photo: Bugarszki Zsolt) 

From left: Dalibor Fijan, Radmila Stojanovic Babic, Deni Brnjak and Martina Kalčić.

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