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Foreword from Jean-Pierre Wilken

President of The CARe Network

Within The CARe Network, many exciting things are happening. In this site, you can sense the vibrations of people working on change, creating opportunities for improving services, working on social inclusion. Two large train-the-trainer programmes have reached their final stages. The first is our international programme with participants from 10 different countries. The second is a programme in Czech Republic, educating 28 people from different disciplines to become a trainer in the CARe model. This is part of a national effort to support people still living in psychiatric institutions to move to the community.



Becoming a trainer in the CARe model does not only mean that someone is qualified as a trainer in some method. CARe trainers are also innovators and ambassadors. They represent a vision of recovery and social inclusion. They initiate and support the development of new services. They cross the borders of traditional forms of care, moving for example in the direction of social entrepreneurship.


In this site, you will find some amazing examples of new initiatives, like the Training Café in Almaty, Kazakhstan, founded by Anna Kudiyarova. Or the continuous efforts of Susret in Zagreb, Croatia, where Radmila Stojanovic Babic and her colleagues are developing social apartments in the city. Also Bogdan Dobnik and his social enterprise, OilRight.













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