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// JUNE 1, 2016
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Training Restaurant in Kazakhstan

June 15, 2018 in Almaty, the social enterprise Training Restaurant "Ale Pub" will open its doors by the financial support of the Trafigura Foundation. Training-restaurant "Ale Pub" is an opportunity either to taste dishes prepared by our beneficiaries, or to communicate with them.


Training-restaurant "Ale Pub" is  the second workplace for people with psychosocial disorders. In 2013, for the first time in the CIS, the social enterprise Training  cafe by the financial support of the Soros Foundation Kazakhstan,was opened in Almaty. Training  cafe received wide attention from the Kazakh public, because it was the first workplace for people with mental health problems.

Through the work in the "Ale Pub" Training Restaurant, young people with psychosocial disorders get psychological rehabilitation, emotional adaptation to the society, get the right to work and to join the vocational circle.

Data: June 15, 2018

Time: 12.30-14.30

Address: Zheltoksan st., 96/98, corner Gogol, 74

Our guests:

  1. Vincent Faber, director, Trafigura Foundation

  2. Bekzhan Onjan, Representative of Department of Culture and Sports of Almaty City Akimat,

  3. Rustem Aliev, Representative of Financial Department of Almaty City Akimat,

  4. Meirzhan Otynshiyev, Head of the Department ofLabour and Social Program of Almaty City Akimat

  5. Estenov Zhasulan, Akim of Almalinsky district of Almaty,

  6. Dauren Aidarbek, Head of Almalinsky Population Serving Center,

  7. Bakhytzhan Sauynbay, President of PA "Psychoanalytical Association"

  8. Сорос Антон Артемьев

  9. Representatives of NGOs Network Әлеует,

  10. Beneficiaries of the  Training-restaurant "Ale Pub"

  11. Journalists


Program: a free communication, meeting with the main sponsor of the Training-Restaurant "Ale Pub", coffee Luwak.

Updates by Anna Kudiyarova

Training Cafe in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, Anna Kudiyarova reported on their success in transforming/moving from the Clubhouse "We are different but equal!" to the Training Cafe!

The Training Café, an eatery staffed by 30 individuals with mental health issues is opened in 2015 in Almaty. The project, financed by the Soros Foundation, Eurasia Foundation, is organized by the Psychoanalytic Association of Kazakhstan. Tucked into a low-rise apartment block, the eatery — with its menu offering standard Central Asian fare like noodles, dumplings and plov (meat and rice) — looks like any other eatery at the budget end of the market in the city.


Yet this is a cafe with a difference. The staff, smartly kitted out in long black aprons and yellow tops, live with learning disabilities and mental disorders, groups that are largely invisible in Kazakhstan.

Photo Credit: Ale Pub

New Training Restaurant in Almaty - social enterprise

Ale Pub's Offerings


CARe Ambassador in Kazakhstan Anna Kudiyarova

Outside the 'Training Cafe' 

CARe Ambassador in Kazakhstan Anna Kudiyarova

Photo Credit: Rasima Temerbaeva

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