Module 2:

2.1 Nonprofit Persona
2.2 Benefits of Creating Personas
2.3 Six Steps To Creating A Persona For Your Nonprofit

2.4 Case Study  

2.5  Download

2.6 NGO User Persona Type 



A persona is sort of like a fictional character, someone you create, who could realistically be a member of your target audience.


Background perspectives relating to the use of personas by nonprofits:

In the following article in Guardian, we learned that:

"Personas are not new in marketing; in fact they have been around since 1994 and since then many digital marketers have been using them to gain better insight into their users. With 56% of charities reporting that they needed training to maximise the potential of digital, however, it perhaps isn't surprising that that even charitable organisations that operate heavily online did not know what they were or how to make best use of them.

You may read on about what this piece "Expert advice for fundraisers who want to create solid research on which to base marketing decisions" written by Andrew Isidora. He also emphasized that

"It is important to understand that a marketing persona does not reflect a single person. It is a hypothetical representation of the behaviour and motivations of a group of similar people that, in many cases, is captured in a 1-2 page description to make the persona a realistic character."


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