Module 2 Goals:

  • Basic understanding of your business/ social enterprise and the value you provide your customers​


This online module course is about building "buyer personas" for your social enterprise.

  • How good are you at preparing a persona as part of your go-to-market plan?

  • And, how creative can you be if you don't have a market research budget?

I have been mentoring social entrepreneurs for a while and have 18+ years of International marketing experience, and I have been asked so many times is this question: "Is the user persona and the buyer persona the same?" And that was when I know I have to share this online course segment.

Persona Canvas is one of the most important tools for new social entrepreneurs and startup founders. In this course, I reveal all of my persona secrets and best practices!

The persona methodology works for established enterprise company, new startup, or non-profit organization.


This module contains:

  • Detailed PDF description of my 9-step persona building process.

  • Download NGO persona template and learn about the most critical components.

  • Examples of real personas created by real social enterprises and services NGOs.

  • Quizzes and optional tasks* to test your knowledge. (upon request)

  • Answers to frequently asked questions

The "9 Dimensions"

Good persona study includes details about the user’s education, lifestyle, interests, values, goals, needs, limitations, desires, attitudes, and patterns of behaviour. You are highly recommended to add a few fictional personal details to make the persona realistic. As such, give a name to each of them and a short description for each of your social persona.



Persona research in social entrepreneurship

For you as a social entrepreneur your goal is the same as any other company: earn a profit by your products and services.

Persona research is focus on four distinct aspects of personality: motivations, traits, identities, and skills; and are based on three approaches: describing the personality of social 'goods' or 'do-good' buyers, comparing them to another group, and relating personality aspects to outcomes such as strategic choices or performance. The findings offer a multi-dimensional and refined account of who 'do-good' buyers are. People who buy 'social good' are simultaneously driven by a range of motivations and values which include but are not limited to prosocial concerns. Certain extrinsic and intrinsic motivations are shared by commercial and social entrepreneurs. Social persona and commercial entrepreneurs persona also seem to exhibit similar 'entrepreneurial' personality traits and benefit equally from transformational leadership skills.

​Review Task:

  • Please describe your Persona based on the Business Canvas model instructions

  • Please create your Persona using the Hubspot Tool.

Please submit the task via e-mail at (please give the subject Persona Canvas and your name, course task to the e-mail)