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The CARe Network's
Tepla 4 Success Story

The Train-the-Trainer (TtT) Program in the CARe model provides the knowledge and skills to become a certified specialist. CARe is an acronym for Comprehensive Approach to psychosocial Rehabilitation. The Program supported participants to become innovators and change agents in their home country by developing knowledge to create community and recovery-based services and new initiatives in the field of mental health reforms, recovery and social inclusion. 


Diverse group of 17 participants from 9 European, Asian and African countries (Estonia, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria) applied for the TtT education in CARe model in 2017. All participants were already engaged in working with different vulnerable groups and individuals. In 2 years’ time, participants learned theory and acquired skills by e-learning, attended two face-to-face seminars in different countries (Romania and the Netherlands), designed and applied their knowledge and skills as a trainer and service developer in their countries and reported about their insight into own development and learning process. Supervision and coaching were available during the process. In 2019 respectful 76.5% (13 participants) finished it successfully, got the certificate and joined the CARe community. 



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The CARe Network Tepla 4 Impressions

Impressions about TtT education from participants:

  • Impressive feeling of fellow and support from teachers during the live seminars and from the CARe community during the summits. This factor along with my coacher's support made me feel presence and other theoretical recovery aspects on practice.

  • My coach and her great support for me and my learning process had essential role to help me in the training.

  • I have really enjoyed the diversity of our group. It was amazing how participants with different cultural and professional backgrounds were approaching CARe methodology.

  • I would like to highlight Face-to-face seminars. I compared them with training which I passed in my country and I can say CARe training was in a creative and freedom-friendly way in compliance with the rules.

  • Most impressive thing for me during the training was personal recovery stories told by those who experienced the recovery.

  • The wonderful and inspiring environment of Nei Skoen Learning Community was important boost on learning path. Seeing the CARe principles come to reality in Nei Skoen made realize how important it is to stick to them in smallest things and smallest decisions 

  • Great inspiration, full of hope. The recovery stories were important. The message that we all are survivors in our lives, that everybody survived many situations in life and that it can be seen as strengths was important.

  • Reflecting your own personal recovery process and the support factors was useful because personal experience helps to associate the theoretical information with real life situations.

  • Now I better understand myself and I think it is my new strength.

  • Possibility to take part from CARe Summits was very good opportunity to meet with other members of the CARe community and get inspiration from each other.

Report from Radmila Stojanovic Babic, Summary by Tepla4 Coaches: Dirk den Hollander, Jana Pluhaříková Pomajzlová, Triin Vana and Radmila Stojanovic Babic

What would I say to my friend about the training?

Juraj: I would say it was (and actually still is) a journey like no other. A journey you can‘t really say where it will lead you, but it will change your life for sure.

Karin: I would definitely suggest the CARe training to my colleague or a friend. I would say that the training is interesting and important and it is really useful for both - providing or developing services. Same time - the training requires quite a lot of time and energy, especially because of the independent work at home – you have to take time for reading and completing written assignments.  The training also requires good English language skills, both for reading, taking part from seminars and completing assignments.


Riina: I would definitely suggest the training to my friends, because I personally feel I have received a very solid foundation for my work, and many contacts through which I can develop my work.

Anna: If I imagine ideal CARe Train the trainers program and how it would be organized, I would like to participate at the same kind of training. The format to combine training, study visit and CARe Network seminar is a complete package full of good surprises.


Gulzhan: It is a perfect Training Program where you can feel the method through yourself and you learn how to support others who became more vulnerable than usually.


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