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CARe in Czech Republic

We have revitalised our national network and we have found a platform for all CARe trainers in our country. We found it under Centre for Mental Health Care Development  and we all have updated for CARe 2.0 CARe CR platform under CMHCD

  • Cooperation of CARe 1.0 and CARe 2.0 trainers

  • Seminar for CARe trainers 1.0

  • Web page of CARe platform and Joint meetings

  • Basic CARe course – accreditation at Ministry of social Affairs (open course and „created for organisation“)

  • Team of CARe lecturers is created, 2 peers involved

  • First basic CARe course is running  already, 2 other organisations in negotiations

The "Train-the-trainers" programme for psychiatric hospital: 

Project of Psychiatric hospital Bohnice (Norway grants), 

About 30 new trainers in CARe methodology, The goal is to improve psychosocial rehabilitation  in acute care. All professions involved:

10 large psychiatric hospitals across CR involved

Translation of training materials to Czech language in CARe Academy e-learning portal. The book Supporting Recovery and Inclusion has also been translated into Czech language. 

We are planning to integrate the CARe methodology into other organisation when we will get a success from the present projects.

 - Updates from Vaclav Matuska

Martin Fojtíček demonstrated some notions through a juggling exercise at CARe Train-the-Trainers Budapest Seminar Day 3

(Photo: Zsusza Kondor) 

Train-the Trainers Programme 2015/2016 in Czech Republic. Launched and completed successfully with Kees van Rest, Triin Vana, Martin Fojtíček,

Dirk Den Hollander, Jana Pluhaříková Pomajzlová

and Škvorová Lenka.


Jana Pluhaříková Pomajzlová at CARe Train-the-Trainers

Head Trainer for Tepla4 TtT Programme

CNSS2019 Workshop Leader:

"The support of recovery as personal enthusiasm or a system ́s change" : 

NGO Ledovec Visit to NL 


In December 2016, eight colleagues from Czech NGO Ledovec ( made a visit to The Netherlands to see the different services using CARe methodology. The group was generously guided by Kees van Rest and Dirk den Hollander. On the first day beginning from the morning was dedicated to Self Help Network in Eindhoven.

Then we did some shopping to get some food for lunch and dinner.


The place where Kees lives is where we really love, the "hippie atmosphere" of the co-housing project was really amazing for all of us! In the afternoon, we visited Eagle Shelter Centre, a low threshold centre, where everybody is welcomed. It was started two years ago by former peer worker Mario Tapia and former nurse Conny Ariens:


On the second day of the trip, the group visited sheltered living called Beukenhof Rijswijk, which was very inspiring. Last site visit was rather a short stay for the Czech team with the FACT team in the hospital of Nijmegen. This was organised next to an Introductory Course that was led by Dirk and Kees (and Martin) at Ledovec in September of 2016, this visit has brought to us many personal experiences and also to the workers of Ledovec, showing how CARe Methodology could work in many different services' settings.


- Updates from Martin Fojtíček and Photos from Dirk den Hollander

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