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Innovation Summit 2018

Pitching Competition Ideas

' keep close cooperation and spread out

CARe practice."

Jana Pluhaříková Pomajzlová

Platform CARe CR >

Platform CARe CR

I would like to report about the Platform CARe CR. We keep close cooperation and spread out CARe practice. We have created a network of trainers with different professional background and it allows us to react to a specific needs of each organisation, which decides to implement CARe Model to its practice. To share this enthusiastic work may be supportive for other practitioners and trainers.

There is an ongoing process of deinstitutionalisation in The Czech Republic and we aspire to promote recovery oriented practice with CARe Model as preferred approach. At present we cooperate with approximately 50 trainers, who work in different organisations (inpatient and outpatient care), so the experience with implementation of CARe Model becomes more and more rich. Because we have to overcome different struggles on system and organisation level, it is important to support each other, share our good experiences, tips and hopes.


Our experience is, that the network needs care to stay alive. What helps us is to be connected on personal level, create small projects together (e.g. do trainings together with different colleagues, do study visits in colleagues organisations, prepare presentation for conferences), keep in contact and share news and of course have meetings on regular basis. It is necessary there is a person or persons, who takes care about the network, initiate and support connection between people, find out important topics, which are attractive to the people to stay involved in the work.


Till this time all of this was based on voluntary basis and of course it has some limits. To have more financial sources would allow us to foster our effort, support people directly on their workplaces, cover the costs they have on the work for the network, prepare more promotion materials and intensify negotiations of spreading CARe Model in accordance to transformation process in The Czech Republic.

Top Winner: Juraj Marendiak
Gert de Haan
Jana and Dirk
Dr David Blazey
Jon Pitts
Kees van Rest and Dirk den Hollander
Zsuzsa Kondor
Karin Koopman
Aigul Sagyn
Dr David Blazey, Dirk den Hollander
The Yarn
Colleagues from Kyrgyzstan
Jana from Czech Republic
Pitch Competition 2018
Judging Panel
Tepla4 CARe Academy
Dr Jean Pierre Wilken
Bogdan Dobnik, Social Entrepreneur
Dr Jean Pierre Wilken
Nino Agdgomelashvili
Elena Pana
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